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Consultant at work
 Inicial Assessment 
Do you have a dream to live in Canada and don't know where to begin? Or are you in a situation you don't understand?  Do not waste your energy and money in a wrong direction. Let us assess your options in the situation you are at right now and then go for the best choice of yours.
Work Permits  
First we need to assess if you are eligible for open work permit or you need an employer secific work permit. Depending on your background, age, skills and experience,
 we may choose the most efficient way to get your work experience in Canada.
 Student Visas 
Applying for a study program in the foreign country can be overwhelming. We can help to ease your stress and lead you through the whole process. All you need to worry about is your study results.
 Extension Of Status 
You are in Canada and you fell in love with the country? This illness is contaigious.  There are ways how to make you stay longer than you originally planned. Let us do it right, in time and without stress that you would loose your legal status. 
 Family Sponsorship 
Bringing the whole family of yours to Canada is no small decision to make. You do not need to worry about the intimidating amount of documents you need to prepare, in order to make it happen. Enigma is here to help.
 Citizenship Application 
Being a permanent resident, you enjoy most of the rights Canadian citizens have. With Canadian citizenship, however, you dont need to worry about permanent residency obligations. The final step may bring some unexpected challenges along the way. And we are ready to handle them for you.
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